In Tantra the worship of the Divine Goddess Shakti

Shaktism is probably the oldest form of Hinduism. Goddess worship in India dates back at least 20,000 years. In the Son Valley of Northern India a rectangular platform was found with natural circles installed in the centre dating back to this time. It is the Shrine of Kalika Mai (Mother Kali). Another one found in the same area is the Kerai Ki Devi shrine dating roughly between 8000 to 200 BCE and reflects an extraordinary continuity of Mother Goddess worship.


No texts from the early period of Shakti cult have been found, meaning that it was a oral and hence matriarchal tradition. However, customs have been carried down like this for millennia with an extremely wide (egalitarian) scope for worship.

One of these has been making doors and entrances to resemble the Great Mother's passage as well as vessels being used for ritual practise symbolizing the creation of life, birth and rebirth. The genital areas of sculptures were and up to this day are seen as the Source of Life and Goddess Energy; they are touched with reverence.

In Tantra the worship of the Divine Goddess Shakti takes place through seeking of unity of body and soul through communal sex rites.

Web Title: In Tantra the worship of the Divine Goddess Shakti

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